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Laser Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation is darker-coloured patches of skin that most commonly appear on the face, hands, décolletage, neck and shoulders as well as other areas, and can really give your age away. Also known as age spots or sun spots, pigmentation is caused by UVA rays from exposure to sunlight, that penetrate deep within the skin, stimulating melanin production. Pigmentation often occurs 10-20 years after the initial damage, and so sun spots showing on your skin now may well have been caused when you were in your teens, youth or when you were a child. Sometimes pigmentation can be triggered by hormonal changes from the contraceptive pill or changes that can occur during pregnancy.

How Intense Pulsed Light Laser Treatment Works

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment delivers targeted pulses of light to the pigmented areas. The melanin in the pigmented areas of skin absorbs the light, stimulating cell renewal from deep within the skin.  Heat from the light break up the pigmentation and in most cases, flakes off over the next ten days revealing lighter, brighter skin underneath.

Is There Any Downtime?

The treatment is relatively painless and you can usually go back to your normal daily activities immediately after treatment.  In some cases there may be mild swelling in the area of treatment.


During Treatment

During treatment, we’ll apply a cold gel to the area to be treated. Next, one of our practitioners will pass the IPL laser hand piece over the surface of skin to deliver very precise and targeted pulses of light to the treatment area. Most people tolerate the treatment extremely well. Should you feel any discomfort during treatment, our practitioners will always do all that they can to make you feel at ease and comfortable through-out.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Usually a course of three to six treatments is recommended spaced four weeks apart.


Results may be visible after the first treatment with most results usually seen at around 10 days after treatment. During the weeks and months following treatment, skin will improve further, with more enhanced results after each and every treatment.

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