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HarmonyCA is a brand new type of dermal filler, perfect for  those looking to reduce the signs of aging, deeply hydrate and tighten the skin, while adding lost volume at the same time. Effects of HarmonyCA can last over 18 months due to the continued stimulation of new collagen over time.

What Is HarmonyCa?

HarmonyCA  is an injectable treatment that contains hyaluronic acid and calciumhydroxyapatite. It is a hybrid injectable designed to instantly lift and sustain collagen stimulation.The hyaluronic acid provides an immediate lifting effect  while calcium hydroxyapatite, a biostimulator, works over time by stimulating the growth of fibroblast that form new collagen and supports remodelling of the skin.

During Treatment

Our highly experienced nurse prescribers will skilfully inject the HarmonyCa under the skin.  HarmonyCA contains Lidocaine which helps to minimise any discomfort.  

Is There Any Downtime?

You may experience some sensitivity that should resolve within 24 - 48 hours following treatment. Mild swelling may occur which will resolve within a few days.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

A single treatment will deliver outstanding results that may last more than 18 months.  


You will notice firmer, tighter skin within three to five days after treatment and you will see gradual, continual improvement in the appearance of your skin over 18 months due to the continued stimulation of new collagen.

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