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Thread Veins


Sometimes called spider veins, thread veins are tiny veins just underneath the skin’s surface that have become dilated. This means they’ll be red, blue or purple in appearance, and easily visible through the skin’s outer layer.

More apparent in older people, thread veins occur as a result of thinning, fragile tissue. Some research suggests they’re hereditary, but other factors such as obesity, smoking and taking the contraceptive pill are thought to contribute.

Whilst thread veins aren’t dangerous and won’t typically cause medical problems, many people find them unsightly and experience aching sensations. They often occur on the legs, but can also appear on the face.



Here at Hilton Skin Clinics, we offer a variety of treatments specifically designed to eliminate thread veins. These include Dye-VL using the bespoke Harmony XL Pro laser platform and advanced electrolysis.


Dye-VL with Harmony XL Pro

This treatment involves specifically-targeted heat that causes blood to coagulate. Tiny thread veins will then collapse, ultimately absorbed and removed by the body over time.

The Dye-VL utilises a filtered wavelength of light which is the optimal frequency needed for blood absorption. This ensures a truly targeted, tailored procedure guaranteed to produce effective results.

Contact cooling is also delivered, reducing any pain or damage the skin’s surface may otherwise experience as a result of the light wavelength and heat.


Advanced Electrolysis

Also able to treat other skin complaints such as milia and skin tags, advanced electrolysis involves a tiny needle that’s inserted into the skin alongside a tiny current.

This current effectively cauterizes thread veins, destroying them entirely. Over time, they’ll be absorbed by the body.



* Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.


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When undergoing the Dye-VL treatment, the contact cooling ensures it’s as tolerable as possible with minimum discomfort; advanced electrolysis also causes minimal discomfort.

Both procedures can provide instantly visible results after just one treatment. But, to achieve maximum results and eradicate thread veins entirely, several treatments spread 3-4 weeks apart is recommended.



* Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependenton a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.