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Skin Tags


Skin tags are small, flesh-coloured growths that literally ‘hang’ off the skin. They’re extremely common and, whilst typically only a few millimetres in size, they can grow up to around 5cm.

Usually found on the neck, armpits, groin, buttocks or around eyelids, skin tags are thought to occur from tight clothes that rub, or excess chafing. However, skin tags can arise for no apparent reason.

Whilst skin tags aren’t dangerous and won’t cause pain or discomfort, they can be embarrassing if large and in easily-visible areas. They also have potential to snag on clothes or jewellery, which may result in bleeding. Because of this, skin tag removal may be the best solution.



Here at Hilton Skin Clinics, we offer advanced skin tag removal using cutting-edge electrolysis or freezing treatment using the Cryopen.

During electrolysis, tags will be cauterized using a minute electrolysis needle, in which a tiny current is passed through the needle to cauterize the tag. This ensures the skin tag will not reappear once removed.

The Cryopen uses the latest compression-cooling technology to administer precise cooling using a high-pressure jet of nitrous oxide. The skin tag will be rapidly cooled and frozen, allowing practitioners to remove them within seconds.

And, in addition to skin tags, the Cryopen can be used to treat a variety of other skin lesions including warts, keratosis, fibroma and lentigo (brown patches).



* Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.


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Dependent on which skin tag removal treatment you opt for, treatment time and overall experience will vary.

During electrolysis, you may feel minimal discomfort but not enough to warrant anaesthetic. However, if your skin tags are especially large, anaesthetic may be needed if necessary.

Following treatment, the skin tag will ‘scab up’ and eventually fall off, leaving skin smooth and blemish-free. It’s important to allow the scab to form naturally, so you should avoid scratching or rubbing the area.

The Cryopen offers fast, pain-free treatment. You’re able to return to your normal daily activities once treatment is over, and one treatment is all that’s usually needed to remove the lesion in question.



* Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependenton a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.