These days we regularly take photographs of ourselves with digital cameras and smartphones, but a photograph can only show you a certain view of your skin and how you are ageing.

You can get a more detailed view of the true condition of your skin, and more importantly how best to look after it with our advanced 2D and 3D skin health analysis system – Clear Vision 3D Imaging System.

This is a 3D imaging platform distributed by Alma Lasers, a world-leading medical aesthetic technology provider, which uses 6 different high-resolution cameras to provide us with a 3D image of your skin from a single snapshot, capturing frontal and profile shots in just one click.

Our high-definition cameras, combined with our speciality filters, give us the clearest possible view of what is happening both on the top layer of your skin as well as in the layers underneath the surface. This allows us to identify a range of skin problems that may not be visible to the naked eye.

This 2D and 3D skin health analysis allows us to decide on the very best course of treatment for your skin. We can view changes in skin tone and texture, pigmentation, vascular lesions and more using the cameras and filters, and once a course of treatment begins, we can then use the system to track and assess your progress and tweak the treatment programme if necessary. This means that your treatment will always be tailored to your skin, ensuring the best possible outcome.


What Can Clear Vision 3D Imaging System Do For Me?

We use the Clear Vision 3D to look at a wide variety of skin characteristics, including:

  • Pores
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Porphyrins (bacteria that may be present in the pores)
  • Brown spots and red areas
  • UV damage
During your consultation, we’ll take images of your skin, assess them together and then discuss potential treatment plans with you. We’ll also give you a detailed analysis report of your skin that you can take home with you, as well as guidance on how you may be able to address and improve any skin complaints at home.