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5 Spring Skincare Tips!

It’s officially Spring, at last! This means warmer days, lighter evenings, more time outside and signs of new life all around us. You might be surprised to learn that our bodies grow more during the warmer months too; honestly! Children Read More…

Looking for a boost to get through January? Try IV vitamin therapy

Are you feeling a bit frazzled after the excesses of Christmas? Have you got the January blues? Or, are you simply looking for a detox or pick-me-up to give you back your va-va-voom? Then, read on…as we tell you more Read More…

Feeling run-down? Try the best-kept Celebrity secret: Intravenous Vitamin Drips

Rhianna does it, Miley Cyrus does it, Cara Delevingne does it, Katherine Jenkins does it, and the Kardashians do it…what are we talking about? All these celebrities, with very busy work, home and social schedules, swear by intravenous or IV Read More…

Celebrity Must-Have Intravenous Vitamin Drips Now Available at Hilton Skin Clinics in Reading

The much talked about new treatment to offer instant ‘pick-me ups’, ‘immune system reboots’, ‘anti-ageing boosts’ and ‘improved athletic performance’ via a cocktail of intravenously infused vitamins and minerals is now available at Hilton Skin Clinics; the only clinic in Read More…

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