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ClearSkin for Bacne – Back acne treatment as featured on Channel 4’s Body Fixers

  • Posted On: 22nd October 2016
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  • Under: Acne

ClearSkin treatment for Bacne was recently highlighted on Channel 4’s Body Fixers programme, and is now available at Hilton Skin Clinics. Bacne, or back-acne is a term used to describe the skin condition where acne occurs on the back of Read More…

Looking for a treatment solution for visible scars?

Scars come in many shapes and sizes and can be caused by a variety of things – as a result of an accident, trauma, a surgical intervention, or due to illness, disease or a skin condition, such as acne. Scars Read More…

Dermalux LED Phototherapy – Red & Blue Light Emitting Diodes Target Acne & Skin Rejuvenation

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes have been around since the 1960s. Technically speaking they are small semi-conductors which release energy, by emitting light at various wavelengths or colours, when electrical voltage is applied to them. LEDs now have many uses Read More…

What to Expect When You Undergo a Skin Peel

Have you ever wished you could reverse the ageing process without going under the knife? Consider a skin peel, which can take years off you without the side effects of invasive surgery. A skin peel is a simple procedure that Read More…

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