Semi-permanent make-up or micropigmentation is a common cosmetic treatment used by many women to avoid having to apply eye- and lip-liner, or eyebrow pencil, daily. Treatment is similar to tattooing, whereby natural-coloured pigments are placed within the dermal layers and used to simulate make-up or enhance natural features such as eyebrow hairs. These semi-permanent make-up tattoos last for a couple of years before the colour fades and needs reapplying to maintain the look.

So, if you’re considering having a hassle-free make-up solution, alongside some anti-ageing treatments like botulinum toxin (Botox®) injections or lip fillers, you may well be thinking – ‘which one should I do first?’.

Both offer an enhancement to your face, but do so in very different ways, so it’s a valid question to ask and one which concerns many of the ladies who visit us at Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading.

The short answer is…have the micro-pigmentation first. But, why?


Semi-permanent make-up specialists, especially those who work alongside aesthetic doctors and nurses always recommend having your micropigmentation first for several reasons.

One, it will last a lot longer than your anti-ageing cosmetic injectable treatments, so you will have more top-ups of those treatments during the time that your semi-permanent make-up is still as fresh as the day you had it.

Two, injectable treatments will change the symmetry and contours of you face – whether it’s temporarily eliminating crow’s feet, frown lines or forehead lines with toxin, or plumping up and volumising lips and cheeks, or contouring your jawline with fillers. Therefore, if you have the injectables first, then have the micro-pigmentation on your enhanced face, you could find that as the effect of those products wear off and you return to your ‘normal’ face that this results in asymmetry and makes your semi-permanent make-up look all askew. As well as looking odd, this could be costly to rectify as any repeat injectable treatments will be trying to achieve their anti-ageing results, as well as over-correct for apparent asymmetries incurred by having the tattooing done over your first-time injectable treatment. By having the micro-pigmentation done first, you ensure that it is being done on a natural skin surface – plain slate – which has not been artificially enhanced or distorted away from your normal features. Your anti-ageing treatments can then be done and the two will synergistically give you the result you are looking for, which can be consistently maintained.

If you are considering treatments including dermal fillers, botulinum toxins and micro-pigmentation, then please contact us today at Hilton Skin & Body Clinics, and we can advise you on the best treatment programme so that both these treatments can work in harmony to create your desired ‘face’.