Stop Press! We have some very exciting news…

Hilton Skin & Body Clinics has just launched a new cosmetic injectable treatment which is being heralded as a ‘game-changer’ by cosmetic medicine experts.

PROFHILO, which is made in Italy is comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA), as is present in some of the other dermal filler brands that we regularly use for volumising, contouring and smoothing wrinkles; but it’s not a dermal filler, which is what makes it so exciting.

Unlike many dermal fillers, PROFHILO uses both high molecular weight and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, 32mg of each to be precise. It is made without the need to add cross-linking agents to stabilise the gel; the makers simply use a heating process to produce it, which is unique to PROFHILO. The NAHYCO™ Hybrid Technology that is used makes it a much more natural product, as it is 100% pure hyaluronic acid. The clever part is that this hybrid mix of low and high molecular weight HA results in the slow and long-lasting delivery of both types of HA, and this is what stimulates the building blocks of new collagen in the skin. The combination of the two in this way means that they work cooperatively and in a completely different way to how they would if you used them independently.

We use PROFHILO to remodel skin, treat skin laxity and stimulate your own natural collagen production to rejuvenate your face or hands. This is not a ‘filling’ process, but adding a substance which enables tissue quality improvement, and is great for improving laxity in the cheeks and jowls. It’s also fantastic in areas which are regarded as difficult to treat with conventional dermal filler products, such as the temples, forehead and neck.

Treatment on the face, for overall rejuvenation, is carried out by injecting PROFHILO into five specific points which have been proven to be the optimum areas for placement. The product is very smooth and easy to inject, so treatment is quick and simple. Usually, you will need to have two sessions of treatment with a break of a month in between. After that, we can decide how regularly you might need to come back for a touch-up.

Once the product has had time to settle after treatment – by the way, you won’t leave our clinic with an immediate ‘plumped effect’ as such, as that’s not what it’s designed to do, remember it’s not a filler – what you will notice after a short time in an increase in the elasticity and firmness of your skin, which will continue to improve over time. You can expect the results to last at least 6 months, sometimes longer, depending on the improvement that we’re trying to achieve, as well as how well you look after yourself with your diet and lifestyle.


For the best way to really understand just how good PROFHILO is, you really need to see some of the results that are being achieved with the product, so here are a selection of before and after photographs, of real patients. Remember, your results may differ, and we will need to see you for a thorough consultation before we know if PROFHILO is the right treatment for you.

Before Profhilo Treatment
After Profhilo treatment

Before (left) and one month after the second treatment (right). [Dr. P. Piersini]

Before and after Profhilo treatment
Profhilo treatment results

There really is nothing else out there like PROFHILO and we’re very pleased to be able to bring this to our clients in Reading. If you’re interested in learning more about it then contact Hilton Skin & Body Clinics today to book a consultation to discuss how we can help.