Don’t get me wrong, that’s what that time of year is all about – feasting and celebrating with those we love – but it’s just not really all that good for us.

Let’s face it, we know this; we’re not stupid. Why else would gym memberships see a significant spike in sign-ups from 1st January every year, and our supermarkets suddenly have shelves stacked with ‘low fat’, ‘diet’ food options for us to appease our Christmas guilt as soon as the last of the Auld Lang Synes have been sung!

However, it’s not just our waistlines that might suffer from the big plates of turkey, stuffing and pigs in blankets, the second helping of Christmas pudding and brandy cream, a cheese board to put the local delicatessen to shame, and the super-sized tub of Quality Street – our skin suffers too.

Increased intake of sugars, dairy fats and alcohol can all have an inflammatory action on the skin, so all this over-indulgence can leave us looking a bit ‘pasty’, with a dull complexion, possibly increased spots in those with acne-prone skin, and dark under eye circles. Add in winter weather which dries the skin more so than other times of the year and it’s just not a great time of year for our skin health.

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom, and not everything you may have eaten over the festive holidays will have been ‘bad’ for you and your skin.

Smoked salmon (particularly made from wild salmon), for example, contains omega 3 fatty acids which are actually essential for skin health and have good moisturising properties that can help with dry skin. Similarly that bowl of shell-on nuts that you had on the coffee table will also have contained a good number of helpful fats and vitamins which make them skin ‘superfoods’, (in moderation).

As we start 2016, now is a great time to make lifestyle changes, both in terms of enjoying a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of exercise, and addressing your skin health through an improved skincare regime, protection from sun damage and correction of your complexion concerns. With our in-clinic team of skincare specialists, medical professionals and an in-house nutritional expert Christine Bailey, we are very well placed to help you with your New Year resolution to look after your face and body.

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