It’s that time of year again…

As we dust off the Christmas decorations and get them all down from the loft, crack open the advent calendar and battle with the fairy lights; so, the stress begins. There’s the shopping to do, the work do’s and parties to attend, the ‘mulled wine and mince pie’ events around at friends and families’ houses, the school nativity and endless Christmas concerts, the present wrapping, tree decorating, and all of that is before your eaten your own body weight in turkey and trimmings, plus drunk the drink’s aisle at the supermarket by the time Boxing Day hits.

Christmas Dinner

All this manic activity, stress and over indulgence is just not going to make you feel on top of your game. That feeling of being at a low-ebb, needling a pick-me-up, a detox, or just something to give you an extra zip in your step as you gear up for Christmas and New Year can be addressed with intravenous vitamin therapy.

Never heard of it? Well, let me tell you more.

If you over-do-it with all that shopping, partying, event attending, planning, present wrapping etc., it can be pretty debilitating for your health and well-being, leaving you feeling fatigued, exhausted, partied-out, even sluggish and bloated. Not your normal self.

Eating the wrong kind of food – too much rich food as my mother always used to say – and drinking too much alcohol means that you won’t be getting all the vitamins, minerals and key nutrients that you need to stay fighting fit and on top form to enjoy the annual celebrations.

This means, that by the time January comes, you’ll be on your knees, run-down and a shell of your former self. But, all is not lost.

This is where a preventative boost of essential vitamins that your body requires on a day-to-day basis can give you that extra feeling of energy or ‘get-up-and-go’ to survive the festive season. Remember how Popeye used to down a tin of spinach when he needed that extra boost, well, this is the modern-day equivalent, and we’re all a lot busier these days that Popeye and Olive Oil ever were! But don’t just take our word for it, IV vitamin drips are a celebrity favourite too – from the Kardashians and Simon Cowell to Madonna and Cara Delevingne; they all swear by them!

Of course, getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and getting your five-a-day, will go a long way to keeping your immune system in good shape, but most of us still don’t get all the vitamins and minerals that we really need, and winter time can be a period of increased deficiency in key nutrients.


Intravita IV Drips

This is where intravenous or IV vitamin infusion therapy comes in. At Hilton Skin & Body Clinics we offer the Intravita range which can be tailored to meet your needs – whether you need to boost your immune system to ward off illness as you plan your festive season, detox after all that partying and indulgence, or give yourself an anti-ageing kick start so you look your best at the office do; we can customise a drip solution for you.

Our infusions include core ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin B-12, glutathione, magnesium, zinc, plus other amino acids and anti-oxidants.

Our specially trained staff will take a medical and lifestyle history, as well as carrying out various general health checks, to determine the best IV drip option for your treatment.

We are also able to offer single booster treatments of an IV B12 Drip or the IV Antioxidant Drip which gives you a boost of glutathione, known as the mother of all antioxidants.

If you’re interested in learning more about intravenous vitamin drip therapy, then please contact Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading today to book a consultation to discuss how we can help.