Most of us, male or female, have some areas of unwanted hair, somewhere on our body. The desire to banish body hair, for one reason or another, is a growing trend, and that’s where laser hair removal can help. It’s not just for ladies’ legs, underarms and bikini lines though – men can have laser hair removal too.

Being well groomed is becoming much more popular with men, and more socially acceptable and desirable too; with guys eager to take care of the way that their bodies look. This trend has even been given a cool name – manscaping!

The likes of David Beckham and Brad Pitt are well known for investing time, effort and money in their appearance, so why should the average man in the street be any different!

Every man wants to look ‘buff’ on the beach, and using laser hair removal to zap that ‘man fur’ from your back or shoulders, or ‘sculpt’ your chest rug is something that we at Hilton Skin Clinics can help you with.

Laser hair removal is a great way to give yourself better body definition by being hair free – many men are now embracing the hair free or smooth look, and are happy to get treatment on their chest, abs, shoulders, back, arms, buttocks and legs.

Being hair free, with smooth, touchable skin, gives men more confidence to wear fewer clothes and is often more comfortable for activities such as cycling, swimming and playing around on the beach. Plus, well, yes, it has to be said, ladies these days are loving the hair free look on their men too, so if you’re wanting to appeal more to the opposite sex then I’m sure you’ll be more inclined to consider this as an option – am I right guys?

Shaving may sound like the cheap answer, but in the long run, with the time taken, the cost of razors and shaving products, plus the increased damage you do to the surrounding skin every time that you run a razor blade over it, and the dreaded prickly stubble as hair grows back – laser hair removal is a much better, more permanent, and affordable option to go hair free.

Plus, now (springtime) is a great time to start your treatment programme so that you’re ready for ripping off that shirt on the beach or in the park this summer.

That’s because we have to treat the hair at a certain point in its growing cycle to effectively stop it from growing. Hair goes through different stages of development during approximately six weeks. Therefore, you will need several treatment sessions over a couple of months to get the best (long-term) results from your hair reduction treatment. During treatment, the laser light is absorbed by the pigment or colour in the hair follicle, this heats up and then destroys the hair so that it cannot grow. Surrounding skin is not affected.

At Hilton Skin Clinics we use the Soprano Laser from Alma Lasers which is a pain-free option, as the laser is constantly in-motion. This means that treatment is very comfortable. (We know that men can be sensitive to pain as well, there’s no shame in it!)

To find out more about Laser Hair Removal for men please contact Hilton Skin Clinics to book in to see our laser specialist.