All these celebrities, with very busy work, home and social schedules, swear by intravenous or IV vitamin drip supplementation to help them to keep their bodies healthy and feeling great, despite their hectic lifestyles. Other reportedly confirmed celebrity fans of IV vitamin drips include Kelly Osbourne, Rita Ora, X-Factor’s Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole and Madonna.

Such huge popularity amongst celebrities may make you think that this is a treatment only for the privileged few, but you’d be wrong – Intravita IV vitamin and mineral treatments are available at the Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading – now you too can benefit from the secret that the celebs have been keeping all to themselves! If you need to keep going with a hectic work, party and home life and are struggling with fatigue, stress, or a low immune system, then suffer no longer!

Coping with a busy appearance schedule, singer Rhianna was struck down by a common cold, something that happens to many of us just when we don’t need it due to work-life or home-life commitments – how many times have you heard yourself say “I can’t afford to be ill right now”?!

Needing to keep going, and get well again as soon as she could, to avoid letting anyone down or cancelling events, Rhianna turned to IV vitamin infusions to give her immune system a boost, cure her exhaustion, and help her to more rapidly fight the cold virus and return to normal health.

Welsh singer, Katherine Jenkins also turned to the restorative powers of intravenous vitamin drips when she suffered a Christmas cold ahead of a New Year’s Eve concert in Germany and had to get back to full health to be able to perform.

In-demand Chanel model, 21-year-old Cara Delevingne admitted to her fans on social media that she was feeling run down from working too hard on the catwalk and turned to a vitamin-rich infusion to perk her up again.

Many celebrities have extolled the virtues of vitamin and mineral supplements, given by slow-release infusion into the body through an intravenous cannula, to maintain energy levels and avoid exhaustion, or as an aid to their immune system to help fight off common viruses more quickly and effectively, or as a means of relieving the ill effects of too much partying and social enjoyment.

It’s easy to think that this may just be a fad, craze or trendy bandwagon when you hear that celebrities are involved, but all these individuals share something in common with you and I – we all work too hard and often don’t look after our bodies as well as we should, leading to deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals, fatigue and exhaustion from sleep deprivation and a poor immune system with a run-down feeling from all of these factors combined.

Having IV vitamin infusion treatment from the Intravita range at Hilton Skin & Body Clinics, tailored to your specific lifestyle symptoms, which includes vitamin and mineral cocktails to aid anti-ageing, immune boosting, sports performance, stress and anxiety, plus dieting and detox can have a positive effect on your feeling of well-being.

In this case, we think celebrity endorsement for this treatment is not to be sneered at. Come in and talk to our specially trained staff who can evaluate how your lifestyle is effecting your well-being and which programme of IV vitamin drip treatments could help you. We aim to see you bouncing out of our clinic with a renewed sense of vigour, ready to take on the world again!

If you’d like more information about intravenous vitamin infusions with Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading, then please contact us today to book a consultation.