Hilton Skin & Body Clinics are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new treatment which is suitable for all our customers – introducing hydradermabrasion with HydraFacial®.

HydraFacial allows us to provide you with Skin Health for Life™ using a patented system which deeply cleanses skin, extracts impurities and dirt, whilst also hydrating and replenishing the skin with nourishing ingredients contained in a variety of super serums. This must-have, celebrity-favourite treatment which is non-invasive and as pleasant as a beauty facial will leave you gliding out of our clinic pampered and relaxed with an instant glow and radiant skin.

Using a 6-step process, the HydraFacial will have a lasting effect on your skin, making it far more effective than any or beauty facial treatment you have EVER had before. It will not only cleanse and detox, but also deliver beneficial ingredients such as powerful antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and other botanicals and nutrients including horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc and magnesium peptides.

The key to HydraFacial is the unique, patented, advanced vortex technology which is employed in the tip of the device. This means that it can deeply cleanse, exfoliate and extract to remove dead skin cells, dirt and debris such as make-up, blackheads and grease to truly detoxify the skin, before pushing tailored serums directly back in for ultimate hydration and nourishment. A regular routine of HydraFacial treatments in a great way to maintain the health of your skin, giving you healthy skin for life.

HydraFacial is for everyone, regardless of age or skin type; both women and men too. It offers a great skincare regime by itself, with regular treatments to keep your skin in tip-top condition, plus it’s a great accompaniment to many of the other aesthetic treatments that we offer at Hilton Skin & Body Clinics, and will enhance the results by truly illuminating, restoring and rebuilding your skin quality over time. We will be recommending it to all our existing

patients who regularly come to see us for a range of medical aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, including cosmetic injectables, micro-needling, skin peels, laser treatment and more.

HydraFacial will be a great addition to your current regime. Of course, if you’re new to the world of cosmetic treatments, then the HydraFacial is a great place to start as this relaxing treatment, which doesn’t hurt at all, is perfect to show you what great improvements you can make to the health of your skin with a small investment in looking after yourself.

HydraFacial treatment can be tailored to all your specific needs – your current skin condition and concerns, your available time and your budget. During a consultation with our skin specialist we will be able to determine the best treatment protocols and targeted serums to use to improve your skin – from rejuvenation with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid to fight free radicals and protect against environmental damage, including the DermaBuilder anti-ageing serum for treating fine lines and wrinkles; to pigmentation control with the Britenol Vortex-Booster to minimise the appearance of brown spots and dark patches thanks to the infusion of vitamin C and alpha-arubtin; as well as treating acne and congested skin through the removal of the built-up of excess oil with the addition of the GlySal peel which creates deep exfoliation using natural salicylic acid. And if you have an important event coming up, or just want to look good for the forthcoming weekend, then you can simply come and see us in between your regular treatments for a HydraFacial Express to bring some added zing back to your skin to make you feel your best.

If you’d like more information about HydraFacial treatments please contact Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading today to book a consultation and treatment appointment.