Both men and women of any age, and any skin colour, can be bothered by troublesome ‘lumps and bumps’ on their skin.

Things like skin tags or warts, that are benign, or harmless in nature, can be annoying or unsightly and many people look for solutions to get them treated. (Always get moles checked by a medical professional if you’re worried about their size, shape or growth.)

Often, these minor skin imperfections can annoy by catching or rubbing on clothing, such as bra straps and underpants, or on jewellery and accessories. This is very common with skin tags around the neck and shoulders where necklaces and handbag straps can cause friction and irritation.

As such lumps and bumps are not usually of any medical significance, nor cause any pain, a trip to the GP will usually end in you being turned away. This is because, the NHS, more often than not, is unable to address them, unless you have a severe case. The odd one or two is simply considered to be cosmetic. This is where private treatment, such as we provide at the Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading, becomes an option. And it’s not time consuming or expensive either; such lumps and bumps can be treated very easily, quickly and affordably.

Skin tags are just little extra growths of skin cells which tend to hang off the body and are commonly found in the armpits, groin, under the breasts and sometimes on the face, around the eyelids. There is a theory that areas prone to chaffing of clothes can be a cause of skin tags, but for some people they just seem to happen! Normally they are painless, unless you catch them, which can cause bleeding. But most people just don’t like how they look and want them removed.

Warts are similar in nature, but these are caused by a virus which results in a growth in the skin. This can be hard and may be painful to the touch. In the case of warts, as well as removing the skin lump, we need to stop the virus from infecting the skin by destroying it.


We use the Cryopen, a suitably space age concept which quickly zaps and freezes these targeted lesions in seconds. You can then go home, and the area will simply scab over and heal over a few days or weeks, depending on the size of the area treated.

Cryopen works by firing a high-pressure jet of nitrous oxide at the targeted tissue which creates a rapid cooling and destroys the unwanted tissue. This then starts the healing process and the treated ‘lump’ with shrivel, scab over and eventually fall off, with the skin underneath recovering and renewing, minus the skin tag or wart. It really is as simple as that!

As well as targeting skin tags and warts, we can also treat other skin imperfections with medical names such as keratosis (commonly known as skin and age spots), molluscum contagiosum and fibromas. Your specific concern can be diagnosed and assessed for treatment.

If you have any ‘lumps and bumps’ that you’d like our experts to take a look at, and perhaps treat with the Cryopen, then please contact Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading today to book a consultation to discuss how we can help.