Hands up now…Who has a muffin top that they’d like to get rid of? What about a love handle or two? Beer belly anyone?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of those, then you’re not alone.

All of us, both men and women, have areas of stubborn fat, or ‘wobbly bits’ as I like to call them, that we’d like to see gone, and diet and exercise isn’t always the easy answer.

Often, small areas of excess fat on our hips, buttocks, arms, waist and back can be some of the hardest to shift with just a diet of Special K and spin classes. No matter what you do, some fat pockets just remain. So, that’s where CoolTech Fat Freezing treatments at Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading can come to the rescue; just in time for looking your ‘coolest’ this summer.

The CoolTech system uses a technology called ‘cryolipolysis’ where cryo refers to the use of very cold temperatures and lipolysis is the medical term used to describe the breakdown or destruction of fat cells – thus this treatment is often also known as ‘fat freezing’.

The main advantage of cryolipolysis treatment is that it’s less invasive than other fat reducing procedures such as liposuction, which involves an incision in the skin and the removal of fat cells under suction through a cannula or tube.

CoolTech is much more gentle than liposuction – it’s less invasive, less painful and requires less down-time or recovery – yet results can still lead to a 20% reduction in fat in the area being treated.

Treatment involves the placement of special cold gel pads on the areas of the body which are being treated; this is to protect the underlying skin. Then we place the CoolTech applicators onto the area. The applicator is designed to suck in the tissue into its cup-like head and then cool it for approximately an hour, depending on where we are treating.

The only sensation is a tugging feeling as the applicator pulls or sucks in the area being treated; after a few minutes this will become less noticeable and you can quite happily read, listen to music, watch TV or any other activities with mobile devices and tablets whilst you wait for the treatment session to conclude. Some people have even been known to fall asleep!

The aim of treatment is to cool the fat cells down to a level whereby they die and expel their contents, this is achieved at a temperature of -7°C or -8°C. This can be done without damaging the surrounding tissue of skin and muscle which can tolerate cold temperatures much better than the fat cells themselves, which have a weakness to the cold. Once the fat cells are weakened and destroyed, the body is able to metabolise the fat content through the lymphatic system over the coming weeks and months, and a noticeable reduction in the size of the treatment area becomes apparent.

Both men and women can benefit from fat freezing treatments. At Hilton Skin & Body Clinics we can use CoolTech to reduce stubborn areas of fat in the stomach, back, lower buttocks, inner and outer thighs, flanks, arms and knees, as well as the aforementioned love handles, muffin tops, saddle bags, bingo wings and bra bulges.

So, on your marks, get set…race you to looking ‘cool’ on the beach this summer!

If you’d like more information about fat freezing with the CoolTech cryolipolysis system at Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading, then please contact us today to book a consultation.