ClearSkin treatment for Bacne was recently highlighted on Channel 4’s Body Fixers programme, and is now available at Hilton Skin Clinics. Bacne, or back acne is a term used to describe the skin condition where acne occurs on the back of both males and females. The show saw celebrity cosmetic doctor, Dr. Tijion Esho use the ClearSkin treatment, from Alma Lasers, on a young lady with an upsetting case of acne on her back.

ClearSkin now available in Reading

The ClearSkin treatment is available as part of the Harmony XL Pro platform recently launched here in Reading.

Charlotte, featured on Channel 4’s Body Fixers, treated by Dr Tijion Esho with ClearSkin.

Interestingly, acne on the back isn’t just a problem for teenagers. Bacne can affect adults alike and is more common than you may think. Unlike facial acne, acne on the back is often considered to be a different level of annoyance and discomfort. Like the pimples and spots which occur on the face through acne vulgaris, acne on the back is a result of sebaceous glands, (the oil glands in the skin), becoming overactive and producing too much sebum, the body’s own natural oil. In conjunction with acne causing bacteria, this build-up of sebum becomes infected and causes the inflammation (redness), and puss that we all associate with acne spots. These spots invariably lead to scarring as they resolve.

Facial acne, particularly in females, is often disguised and camouflaged with make-up, not a solution I grant you, but a means of easily ‘hiding’ the acne, and therefore making it simpler to be able to carry on with life, particularly in cases where acne can cause psychological stress and issues with self-esteem.

Covering up bacne is not so easy so sufferers, both men and women will usually completely cover up in public, even in warmer weather. This means women will not wear strappy or backless tops or dresses in the summer, and both sexes will avoid sun-bathing and swimming activities which usually mean stripping down to bikinis or shorts, whereby the back is plainly visible.

Charlotte’s result after ClearSkin treatment on Body Fixers.

ClearSkin treat is a great solution to bacne, and for treating all forms of acne vulgaris in fact – targeting papules, pustules and nodules – all the well-known spot like characteristics that we all associate with the condition.

It is the first technology which combines a non-ablative laser (Er:Glass 1540 nm wavelength) with contact cooling and vacuum technology delivered at the same time. It is suitable for all skin types, and for male and females. As well as treating active acne, it is also used to improve the appearance of acne scarring by stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin as a repair mechanism; leaving a much smoother texture and tone to the treated skin, with no side effects.

The laser energy penetrates deeply into the skin which causes damage, through heat, to the sebaceous glands. This destroys the acne causing bacteria called P. acnes (Propionibacterium acne), as well as reducing the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. All of this is achieved without damaging the surface layer of skin.

The vacuum technology that is integrated with the laser ‘sucks out’, or extracts the material that has accumulated in the pores, cleaning the area. The contact cooling helps to make this whole process more comfortable, reducing any pain and helping to protect the top layers of skin (the epidermis) so that the laser can get deep to the dermis to treat the sebaceous glands safely and efficiently.

Dr Esho on Channel 4’s Body Fixers demonstrating the ClearSkin treatment for acne

If you’d like more information about ClearSkin treatments for acne on your back or anywhere else using our Harmony XL Pro platform, then please contact Hilton Skin Clinics in Reading today to book a consultation.