Anti-ageing treatments aren’t just for your face

Anti-ageing treatments aren’t just for your face

You’d be forgiven for thinking that your face was the number one give away for showing your age – let’s face it, (excuse the pun!), it’s the main thing that people see when they interact with you, right? And that is true, but it’s not the only thing they see.

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5 Spring Skincare Tips!

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Celebrity must-have HydraFacial treatment promoting Skin Health for Life™ now available in Caversham, Reading

How Botox can give you the neck of an ancient Egyptian Queen with the Nefertiti Lift

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Looking for a solution for excessive sweating? Look no further…

We all sweat, it’s how our bodies regulate our temperature, but if you think that you sweat too much or sweating effects your daily life more than you’d like, then you could have a condition called hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, which...

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Looking For A Boost To Get Through January? Try IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy!

Are you feeling a bit frazzled after the excesses of Christmas? Have you got the January blues? Or, are you simply looking for a detox or pick-me-up to give you back your va-va-voom? Then, read on…as we tell you more...

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Laser Hair Removal for men…Yes I did say for men!

Most of us, male or female, have some areas of unwanted hair, somewhere on our body. The desire to banish body hair, for one reason or another, is a growing trend, and that’s where laser hair removal can help. It’s not...

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Say Goodbye to Acne with ClearSkin from Alma Lasers

In need of a boost? Get your vitamin hit in one go…

So, is anyone up for shots? Don’t be too disappointed, but I’m talking about vitamin shots, not tequila! But now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain what I mean… As well as offering intravenous or IV vitamin infusion therapy at...

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How To Look After Winter Skin With Professional Skincare Products

Most of us don’t like winter – it’s darker, with fewer daylight hours, there is less sunshine, it’s cold, often with icy, dry winds and it’s downright miserable, most of the time – but it gives the Brits something to...

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How Botox can give you the neck of an ancient Egyptian Queen with the Nefertiti Lift

When it comes to Egyptian history, there are many things we can all name that show the beauty of this ancient civilisation – the magnificent structure of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, the opulence and splendour of the tomb and...

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Hilton Skin Clinics Wins Award for Great Customer Service

We are thrilled to be able to announce that Hilton Skin Clinics has won a WhatClinic 2018 Patient Service Award from the website This award is given to those clinics who can demonstrate great customer service and is based on the...

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Harmony Comes to Reading! The Harmony XL Pro Cosmetic Laser Platform Launches at Hilton Skin Clinics

Being able to provide bespoke cosmetic laser treatments to our clients, which can address a wide variety of cosmetic and dermatological conditions, using state-of-the-art technology, is a core philosophy at Hilton Skin Clinics in Reading. With this in mind, we’re very...

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Feeling run-down? Try the best-kept Celebrity secret: Intravenous Vitamin Drips

All these celebrities, with very busy work, home and social schedules, swear by intravenous or IV vitamin drip supplementation to help them to keep their bodies healthy and feeling great, despite their hectic lifestyles. Other reportedly confirmed celebrity fans of...

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Don’t Let a Fungal Nail Infection Stop You Wearing Sandals This Summer!

If you’re anything like me, as soon as the sun pops its head out of the clouds on a regular basis, you ditch the socks, put away your shoes, trainers and boots, and start rummaging in your wardrobe for flip...

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Such a welcoming clinic, all staff are extremely professional. Treatments are fantastic, I highly recommend Hilton Skin Clinic.

Mia was so lovely, made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. Can’t wait for my next appointment xx


Lovely people, very informative and the whole experience was enriching and pleasant! I couldn’t recommend the service more!


I always feel so safe and happy at the clinic. Mia is a superb practitioner.


Always the friendliest people with honest advice. I always feel welcome and trust wholly in the treatments offered.


Amazing service by everyone , Dr Semira is excellent ..


Great experience. Very friendly . My hydrafacial feels amazing and looks good .


The clinic really give you good advice in how to look after your skin and didn’t seem too pushy when selling what I needed. I ended having the EDS Dermaroller for my face and neck. I was so worried it would be so painful but surprisingly it's not that bad at all but I did have some anaesthetic cream applied before hand.


The staff are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. When I arrived everything was explained to me and it was better than I had originally expected. I can’t wait for the next session of microdermabrasion!! I would now recommend them to my friends too.


The clinic is always spotless and has a warm inviting atmosphere. Staff members are extremely knowledgeable about all of their treatments, and they even took the time to speak to me over the phone relating to questions about my treatment before I even booked a consultation. 5 star clinic and would highly recommend to anyone.