You’d be forgiven for thinking that your face was the number one give away for showing your age – let’s face it, (excuse the pun!), it’s the main thing that people see when they interact with you, right? And that is true, but it’s not the only thing they see.

Worrying about crow’s feet, frown lines or sagging skin in the jowls and jawline are most definitely concerns that we all have as we age, but have you thought about how ageing can affect your neck, your hands, or if you’re a woman, your décolleté?

All these areas are often neglected when we think about anti-ageing treatments, but there are many options to address conditions which affect these areas such as crepey skin, age spots and pigmentation or so called ‘turkey neck’.

Let me explain the treatments that we have at Hilton Skin & Body Clinics, for both men and women, which mean that it’s not just your face that can have some TLC towards making you look your best.

Chemical Peels

Skin peels aren’t just for your face. Sun damage can affect your hands, just as much as your face and skin peels can be an effective solution. They’re also great to use on the décolleté, also called the décolletage. This is the chest area in a woman, between the breasts and the neck, which is often exposed to the sun by low cut tops. The décolleté is prone to pigmentation spots, little brown age spots, or multiple freckles, all of which is due to sun damage. This also make the skin thin and wrinkly or crepey. Skin peels range in their depth of penetration and can we used to target this pigmentation to leave behind bright skin, as well as encouraging and stimulating new collagen or fresh skin cells to form to brighten and smooth the area.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

If you don’t fancy chemical skin peels, then using Intense Pulsed Light or IPL we can address skin pigmentation on the décolleté by destroying the melanin (pigment) with a special wavelength of light. As well as destroying the pigmentation, the IPL also stimulates the production of new collagen, so over time the appearance of the whole area is improved. We can also use this treatment on the face and hands to address it all in one go.

Dermaroller or Medical Skin Needling

The effect of crepey skin or skin which has multiple small wrinkles across the surface is often most noticeable in the décolletage area. You’d be surprised how much this area sees the sun during a lifetime and it can often be one area where you forget to regularly apply a high SPF sunscreen, even if you slap it on your face religiously every day. With V-neck tops or strappy tops, women often expose this area of the body right through from Spring and into early Autumn. Over time, this cumulative exposure can increase skin pigmentation as well as produce laxity in the skin and a leathery-look. As well as addressing brown spots with a variety of treatments, as we have discussed, we are able to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin – the stretchy parts which make up skin – using treatments like dermaroller or medical skin needling. We use both the Genuine Dermaroller system and the electronic dermaroller system called eDS. When either medical needling system is applied to the skin, thousands of micro-medical needle-columns will be produced. Each needle-column is microscopic, around 0.1mm in width, and will stimulate the process of repair and regeneration.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections or Botulinum Toxin

As we age, the bands of muscle which run down the neck, known as platysmal bands, begin to become more visible and thicker, so much so that they show even when you’re not extending or moving your neck around much. This phenomenon is often referred to as ‘turkey neck’. The good news is that botulinum toxin injections, or Botox®, which is a prescription medicine often used to treat crow’s feet and frown lines can also be used to reduce the appearance of these platysmal muscles. This reduces the amount that they stand out on the neck, leaving a smoother and more youthful look to the overlaying skin.

Dermal Fillers

As well as reducing lines and wrinkles on the face, or enhancing lips, dermal fillers are great to use in the hands to plump out the tops of the hands which often lose volume or fat and can start to look quite skeletal as we age. The old saying goes that if you want to know how old someone really is – look at their hands – well not anymore. If you think your hands are starting to look less plump and you can see more of the underlying tendons and tissue, then injecting a filler product may be a great solution to bring back some youth to your hands – then no one will know how old you are!

hands pigmentation

If you’re worried about the ageing effects on your hands, neck, décolletage, as well as your face then contact Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading today to book a consultation to discuss how we can help.