Making the decision to go ahead with cosmetic treatment could leave you feeling a little bit apprehensive. Here at Hilton Skin & Body Clinics, we’ll make sure that you feel fully supported and informed before, during and after your treatment, providing you with a personalised, tailored healthcare regime to ensure that your procedure is a success.

Keep in mind that the continued success of your treatment largely depends on how well you adhere to the aftercare regime put in place for you. Your treatment with us is just the start of your journey and it’s up to you to continue it at home.

The guidance below can be followed for skin treatments and laser hair removal treatments, but make sure that you follow any additional/differing guidelines that you’re given by the clinic after your specific treatment.

  • Keep the treated area clean and dry, and ensure that if you go out in the sun that a sunscreen product with an SPF of at least 30 is applied to the treated area to protect it from potentially damaging sunlight. Ideally you should avoid exposing the treated area to UV rays if possible (either through using sun-beds or by going out in the sun) for at least two weeks.
  • Do not use perfumes, aftershave, lotions, creams, bleaching cream or oils on the treated area for 24-48 hours following treatment. If you do want to use a product on the treated area, use a natural, soothing product such as Aloe Vera.
  • Avoid exercising for 24-48 hours following treatment. Sweating can cause inflammation of the hair follicles and so should be avoided where possible. The treated area should also not be exposed to unnecessary heat, such as in a Jacuzzi, hot bath, sauna, steam room or sun-bed.
  • Avoid using deodorants and antiperspirants on the treated area for 24-48 hours (IPL/laser treatments only).
  • Avoid the use of anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen for around a week unless otherwise notified by the clinic.
  • Avoid products containing Retinol throughout the whole course of your treatment unless otherwise notified by the clinic.
  • Avoid the use of exfoliants or peels for around one week, and waxing, threading, depilation or sugaring during the course of treatment. After IPL/laser hair removal, the only approved form of hair removal is shaving, unless otherwise notified by the clinic.

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Such a welcoming clinic, all staff are extremely professional. Treatments are fantastic, I highly recommend Hilton Skin Clinic.

Mia was so lovely, made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. Can’t wait for my next appointment xx


Lovely people, very informative and the whole experience was enriching and pleasant! I couldn’t recommend the service more!


I always feel so safe and happy at the clinic. Mia is a superb practitioner.


Always the friendliest people with honest advice. I always feel welcome and trust wholly in the treatments offered.


Amazing service by everyone , Dr Semira is excellent ..


Great experience. Very friendly . My hydrafacial feels amazing and looks good .


The clinic really give you good advice in how to look after your skin and didn’t seem too pushy when selling what I needed. I ended having the EDS Dermaroller for my face and neck. I was so worried it would be so painful but surprisingly it's not that bad at all but I did have some anaesthetic cream applied before hand.


The staff are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. When I arrived everything was explained to me and it was better than I had originally expected. I can’t wait for the next session of microdermabrasion!! I would now recommend them to my friends too.


The clinic is always spotless and has a warm inviting atmosphere. Staff members are extremely knowledgeable about all of their treatments, and they even took the time to speak to me over the phone relating to questions about my treatment before I even booked a consultation. 5 star clinic and would highly recommend to anyone.