It’s officially Spring, at last!

This means warmer days, lighter evenings, more time outside and signs of new life all around us. You might be surprised to learn that our bodies grow more during the warmer months too; honestly! Children have more growth spurts during this time, and our hair grows and sheds more in warmer times. If you think you feel more awake once Winter is over, then you’re probably not wrong!

I’m sure you’ve all thought about spring cleaning your house, but have you thought about spring cleaning your skincare routine?


Well, listen up then because here are five great tips to get you back in tip top condition as we move into Spring and Summer.

5 Top Tips

1. Exfoliation and Cleansing – It’s time to slough off those dead and dull cells left over from your winter skin. Awaken the dermis again and encourage it to make new, healthy skin cells. This will also prepare the surface to receive enrichment from a bespoke skincare regime or other aesthetic treatments. It’s true that a gentle exfoliation can be achieved by applying topical skincare products, particularly those which contain fruit acids, but to really get the benefits from a nice deep-clean, we can offer you either a chemical skin peels or medical grade microdermabrasion to refresh your face. But, as well as removing dead skin cells, it’s important to invest time in cleansing your skin. This will clear congested pores to reveal brighter, healthier skin. Maintaining a good cleansing routine will in turn maintain good skin health, allowing our targeted skincare programmes to work as optimally as possible. Speak to us if you think you need help with your skincare routine. We offer professional skincare products from the ZO® Skin Health range, developed by world-famous American dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi and can create a bespoke regime just for you to make sure your skin stays in the best condition possible throughout the year, no matter what the season or the weather.

2. Help your skin from the inside out – If our bodies are healthy, then chances are our skin will be healthier too. Winter is a time when our immune systems can be at an all-time low. We don’t get as many vitamins and minerals due to a of fresh fruit and vegetables, and our Vitamin D levels have plummeted due to a lack of sunshine. Topping up any deficiencies present in your body with IV vitamin drip therapy will give your skin a kick start too, in fact some of our bespoke Intravita drips are made using ingredients to specifically target anti-ageing.

3. Slap on the SPF – If you have been a bit slack with applying Sun Protection Factor (SPF) sunscreen over the Winter months, then now is the time to really ramp up your efforts. The sun will start to strengthen as we move into the warmer months of the year, so as well as the risks presented to our skin from skin cancer causing UV rays, it’s important to know that the sun is the primary cause of premature skin ageing, so your first line of defence against both is a broad-spectrum SPF product.

4. It’s not just about your face! – Don’t forget to give other areas some attention, particularly your hands and the décolletage, or chest area. As the weather warms up, the gloves and scarves will be put back into the cupboard and we start to expose more of our skin. Hydrating winter ravished hands and rejuvenating the neck- and bust-line with light weight hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is a great way to reinvigorate skin that has developed a crepiness associated with fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Start your hair removal journey – Spring is a great time of year to embark on a laser hair removal programme, so that you’re ready for carefree days on the beach in swimming shorts and bikinis. The hair growth cycle means that several treatments are needed, 4 to 6 weeks apart, to capture all the hair follicles at the right time of growth for their removal. We have the new Soprano ICE Platinum laser from Alma Lasers which offers a quick and pain-free solution to unwanted hair.

So, as you can see, there’s lots to spring cleaning to do! If you’re interested in learning more about the right skincare regime for your skin, then please contact Hilton Skin & Body Clinics in Reading today to book a consultation to discuss how we can help.