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What Can Laser Hair Removal Do For Me?

Excessive body hair is a drag. As much as you shave, wax and epilate (yelp!) it keeps on coming back and can knock our confidence. Having completely smooth, hair free skin makes us feel great and ready for anything. Laser hair removal is hailed as the solution to the problem of stubborn body hair, offering a long term solution and dramatic results. Here are the top 3 benefits of laser hair removal that work on the most stubborn of hairs. You’ll soon wish you’d done it sooner.

Permanent hair reduction

Permanent hair reduction

Laser hair removal is medically proven to provide permanent hair reduction. Most places will recommend a course of 6-9 treatments to see the desired effect due to hairs regrowing at different stages. It is worth noting that you cannot wax or epilate the area undergoing treatment as they roots need to be there to be treated so make sure that you shave between treatments. After the course, you can expect to see anything from around 60-80% reduction of hair in the selected area! Be gone armpit hair! Be banished unruly facial hair and bye bikini line! You’ll never get caught out at the swimming pool again!

Eliminate ingrown hairs

Eliminate ingrown hairsDespite what you may think, laser hair removal isn’t just effective at removing hair. It kills the hair follicle at the root, leaving you with no dark shadows. If you kill the root, you banish the chance of experiencing those irritable red lumps caused by ingrown hairs. The result is a wonderful even complexion. Beautiful!

Silky skin

When your hair follicles are killed by laser hair removal, the area is left silky smooth. No matter how much you shave and exfoliate, nothing compares to the perfectly even texture that results from a perfectly hair free area. You won’t be able to stop running your hands all over the area!

Silky Skin Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a virtually painless and a cost-effective long term solution to your unwanted excess hair. No more being a slave to the razor every morning. With laser hair removal you can simply get up and go – taking your flawless skin with you.

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