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Milia Removal

Milium cysts (milia when they form in groups) are small, white bumps that tend to appear across the face on the nose, on the top of the cheeks and on the eyelids. Milia are fairly common but do tend to appear far more frequently in newborn infants. Milia do not usually cause medical problems and are typically painless, although they can become red and itchy if irritated.

Causes of Milia

The cause of milium cysts in babies is still not understood. In older children,teens and adults, milia are typically associated with skin damage, such as:

  • Long term sun damage
  • Long term use of steroid creams
  • Burns or other injuries that cause blistering, such as poison ivy
  • Some skin resurfacing procedures
  • Certain skin conditions, such as epidermolysis bullosa and bullous pemphigoid

Milia actually occur when keratin, the protein that is more commonly found in skin, hair and nail cells, gets trapped underneath the skin. Milia Treatment In infants, milia will typically clear up on their own and no treatment is available. For adults, treatment for milia is very straightforward and can take less than 15 minutes, depending on how many milium cysts need to be treated.

At Hilton Skin Clinics, we use a technique called advanced electrolysis to treat milia. Electrolysis is typically used to treat excess hair but advanced electrolysis can be used to treat a range of skin complaints, such as skin tags and milia. During treatment, a tiny probe will be placed into the centre of each milium cyst, and a small pulse of energy will be sent to the centre of the cyst, effectively cauterising it. Treatment is relatively painless and downtime is minimal. Patients will typically see results within a few days and often, just one treatment will be sufficient in order to see results.

For more information about advanced electrolysis, please contact Hilton Skin Clinics today.

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