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Fashions come and go, but a tattoo is forever – or is it?

Skin art has become a part of mainstream culture in the UK, with estimates suggesting that one in five of us have one or more tattoos. Whilst they can act as beautiful and creative forms of self-expression and most people love theirs, figures from a study published by the British Association of Dermatologists states that almost a third of those with a tattoo regret having them.

Tattoo Making

“Falling out of love” is the most common reason given, but there are other motives that prompt regret. Your lavish symbol of youthful exhibition may not sit comfortably with your new career in a conservative business, or the image may have shifted as your body has changed. Perhaps the artwork has never lived up to expectations because the tattooist who inked you was untrained or unable to spell.

Laser Tattoo Remova

Luckily, laser tattoo removal is a relatively straightforward procedure that can be undertaken here in Berkshire. Given that you may have experienced an unregulated tattooist in the first place, research reputable practitioners and make sure to choose a skin clinic with a proven track record, who can offer testimonials from customers about their product knowledge and credentials.

Prior to treatment your skin specialist will analyse the tattoo and quantify your expectations about the effect of the procedure. Black tattoos, for example, are easiest to remove, whilst those including red require a different wavelength of laser light.

During the treatment you’ll be wearing a fetching pair of protective goggles while your practitioner passes a laser over the surface of the tattoo. The pigment within the tattoo is broken down following absorption of the light; a local anaesthetic cream can counter any mild discomfort you may feel.

The number of treatments you’ll need depends on the size and colour of the image. After each treatment you’ll need to stock up on a high SPF sun cream to smother on the affected area, along with a tissue repair cream.

If your former love is now out of your life, it’s time to get them out of your skin.

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