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Be Red Carpet Ready Whoever You Are!

Celebrity endorsements of non-surgical facelifts have led to them becoming increasingly popular amongst people who are interested in maintaining a good skincare regime. Whilst we appreciate that we don’t all spend our day-to-day lives sashaying up and down under the gaze of the paparazzi, these revolutionary skin treatments ensure that we are all able to look our very best.Red Carpet

For occasions where you are keen to make a good impression, such as a job interview or at a wedding, for a party or an event where you may feel under more scrutiny than usual (like the school reunion – gulp!) or to simply be amongst the yummiest mummies at the school gates, then a session of treatments dubbed the “laser facelift” could be the answer.

non-surgical facelift

Non-surgical facelifts use state-of-the-art technology. A device administering laser light is gently rolled across the skin by your qualified practitioner; the heat penetrates deep into the dermis, the layer underneath the epidermis (the surface of the skin). Regeneration of the skin then occurs at that depth as collagen production is stimulated and skin cells regenerate at an accelerated rate. Skin is brighter, tighter and appears more youthful.

Universally suitable for all ages and all skin types, this procedure is gentle enough for skin areas that may have been too sensitive for treatments in the past. Lifting and firming the face, neck and décolletage, excellent results have also been achieved on the backs of hands. The device can be administered precisely to treat lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the mouth and nose, and the delicate eye area.

Non-Surgical Facelifts Treatment

Treatment times vary and whilst many clients see an immediate effect, the skin’s overall appearance continues to improve over time as collagen rebuilds. The best result is generally achieved after six sessions, with two weeks between each treatment.

Because the cell regeneration occurs in the dermis, the surface of the skin is left undamaged. You won’t experience any redness or tell-tale signs that you’ve undergone any treatment at all, apart from a beautiful healthy glow that lasts! The fact that there is no pain or downtime with a non-surgical facelift gives it an understandably inclusive appeal.

Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments

Whilst it’s easy to see why this is attractive to celebrities who are under constant inspection, we all have busy lives and are committed to looking after our appearance. The non-surgical facelift is here to benefit us all.

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